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  1. Dec 2017
    1. enlarge their minds cultivate their morals

      I feel that the University of Virginia has stayed true to this goal. When something looked upon as morally wrong occurs, UVa responds. Students often protest, and faculty often share their concerns on the topic and make it known when something is not okay. After the alt right, white supremacists were in Charlottesville, there was a huge response, further enforcing the idea that morals are an extremely important part of a person.

    2. It is at that age of aptness, docility & emulation of the practices of manhood, that such things are soonest learnt, and longest remembered. The use of tools too in the manual arts is worthy of encouragement, by facilitating, to such as choose it, an admission into the neighbouring workshops. To these should be added the arts, which embellish life, dancing music & drawing; the last more especially, as an important part of military education. These innocent arts furnish amusement & happiness to those who, having time on their hands, might less inoffensively employ it; needing, at the same time, no regular incorporation with the institution, they may be left to accessory teachers, who will be paid by the individuals employing them; the university only providing proper apartments for their exercise.

      Jefferson was not only trying to form a University that would teach young adults the basics of higher education. He was attempting to do something much deeper. He wanted to create lifelong students, that were well-rounded and had a good understanding of many different aspects of the world. Based on where our University is today and the New Curriculum, I think that his goal has been accomplished.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. It will be then for the wisdom & discretion of the visitors to devise & perfect a proper system of government, which, if it be founded in reason & comity, will be more likely to nourish, in the minds of our youth, the combined spirit of order & self respect, so congenial with our political institutions, and so important to be woven into the American character.

      I love how reflective this is of life at the University of Virginia today. Involving the honor society, it has been at our discretion to devise and perfect a proper system of government here. Students, over the course of UVA's existence, have shaped the government of this university. Our government is built upon both self respect and respect for our community and peers just as it was originally intended.

    2. General grammar

      It is hard to imagine general grammar as a major. I am sure that good and effective grammar was much more rare then, than it is today. This major was probably very useful and impressive at the time. Even more general than the major, "general grammar," I feel that the type majors have very much evolved.