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  1. Aug 2017
    1. Between these two models—the quantitative and qualitative—we hoped to fulfill the project’s central mission.

      Good problem solving to separate the mission into two models.

    2. If, for example,a search for a particular term yields 4,000,000 results, even those search results produce a dataset far too large for any single scholar to analyze in a meaningful way using traditional methods

      Think of using google but the first 2 pages of results that traditionally the most relevant links are gone.

  2. Jul 2017
    1. The grid system

      I recently took a flight from Ottawa to Philadelphia and I had an opportunity to get a birds eye view of the grid layout of both cities. It can be easy to ignore how much work goes into the organization of facilities/services.

    1. This paper describes how the Transcribe Bentham team sought to attract volunteer transcribers and build an online community.

      This got me thinking about how search engines can save the search history of its users. Would this also be considered big data? Not so voluntary.

    2. A project like Galaxy Zoo, for example, has successfully built up a community of more than 200,000 users who have classified over 100 million galaxies, thus supporting a great deal of academic researc

      Incredible how so many small pieces of effort can accumulate into something amazing.

    3. These tasks, it has been argued, can be accomplished more quickly and more cheaply by outsourcing them to enthusiastic members of the public who volunteer their time and effort for free

      Enthusiasm is key here. The fact that the people doing the work WANT to do the work more so than they have to because it's their job is important.

    1. I follow in the footsteps of other women who sought to erode the distinction between public and private to reveal the politics underneath

      I personally found this to be awesome. Moravec has very strong beliefs about politics being transparent. It's good to see her concept of transparency applied in more than one situation.

    1. It depends on what you mean by that term. In the world of software development, the decision to release, or make “open,” the source code for a program can mean two very different things.

      I found this interesting. Coming from my CS background, I always interpreted open-source as a simple indication that users were free to make modifications to the source code. The concept of the elephant graveyard of software is new to me.

    1. In our own time, many analysts are beginning to realise that in order to hold persuasive power, they need to condense big data in such a way that they can circulate among readers as a concise story that is easy to tell.

      It's so true that when presenting data/information, the reader MUST be considered. If it's too much content, or not understandable, it wont be retained.

    1. A historian’s macroscope offers a complementary, but very different, path to knowledge. It allows you to begin with the complex and winnow it down until a narrative emerges from the cacophony of evidence

      It's a very interesting concept to consider. I had never thought about how historical patterns might not be obvious when viewed as a giant. Also, with the concept of macro scoping, does this mean that outliers from the pattern eventually are forgotten?

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      Red Velvet Comeback!