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  1. Jun 2019
    1. 9. Avoid bringing agenda items to a vote — there is always the next meeting. Even better, leave items until next year when you won’t be chair.

      What do you think Julia Lee would think about this? Check out her article "Doing the Right Thing in the Workplace."

    2. 6. Don’t worry ahead of time how committee members feel about issues — you can find out at the meeting.

      Dr. Spreitzer, I was wondering what you thought of this one in light of the article you co-authored on Relationship Quality and Virtuousness.

    3. 10. Make sure key agenda items need outside expertise for a decision to be made.


      Here's a guy who can really help with our upcoming meeting on creating PPT presentations.

    4. Note to students: For our upcoming live class, please select five or Mr. Coleman's guidelines and be prepared to discuss whether you agree or disagree with them. You must support your position with references to current literature.

    5. 7. Never summarize the pros and cons of an issue being discussed. The committee will resent it.

      Note to students: Please be prepared to discuss the pros and cons of this point when we meet for class.

    1. Gretchen M. Spreitzer

      This article was co-authored by our very own Dr. Spreitzer. Dr. Spreitzer, what was your greatest insight from this study?