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  1. Oct 2019
    1. But there’s a difference between familiarity and understanding. Quickly finding information online doesn’t mean you know how to evaluate its trustworthiness. Growing up using apps doesn’t mean you know how to build one. Some students are digitally savvy when they begin college. But others are not. How can a college ensure that all of its students graduate with the digital skills they will need to thrive in their careers and beyond?

      Yes, and being savvy with some tech doesn't make a person savvy with all forms of tech. My students are remarkably savvy with apps, but not always savvy with other forms of tech. This is why we really need to rethink the term "Digital Natives"

    2. what all the different fields do." Digital skills, in other words, aren’t just for students who want to work in tech. They’re something all students will need to be able to use in their postcollege lives.

      Pretty much this.

    3. because they’re baked into courses

      I'm interested in the "recipe" for this "baking in"--I wonder what processes and training they used. I like the idea of making digital competencies part of course objectives. "Digital Natives" is kind of a BS term for me, because while students often do know the latest and most trendiest forms of tech, they don't know the basics of academic use of tech, even basic word-processing tech.

    4. helping to preserve an endangered indigenous language.

      another benefit of the digital world, right? It's perfect for this task.

  2. Aug 2016
    1. I realized that a paragraph was a fence that held words

      great imagery--and an essay is just a bigger fence--and a chapter is a bigger fence--and a book is an even bigger

    1. Rather than responding out of fear,

      But responding out of fear to new forms of entertainment is a grand old tradition, no?

    2. This weekend, another naïve assumption about how technology affects culture

      aren't most assumptions about tech and culture naive? Seriously

    1. Excuse me, yes? Coens? You seem to have left an actor's name off of this DVD cover. No big deal, it's an easy mistake: she's just the LEAD character, who has the most lines in the movie and is, you know, the PROTAGONIST.

      Jenny is correct.

    1. the production focuses on Harry and Draco Malfoy's sons - Albus and Scorpius - who travel back in time and set off a domino effect of consequences that radically change the present.

      Sounds like a great idea! Rowling's world is a bit too sloppy for this stuff.

    1. "I cannot emphasize enough how deeply I disagree with Mr. Trump's statement,"

      I get the feeling we'll be hearing this a lot. Heh.