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  1. Oct 2018
    1. The “end”82of each of these is different, andthere are three ends for three [species]: f

      For each "subsection" of rhetoric, the end goal of the argument is different

    2. for we do not give the samejudgment when grieved and rejoicing or when being friendly and hostile.

      PATHOS, however, plays a big role in rhetoric as well

    3. character is almost, so to speak,the most authoritative form of persuasion.

      He is saying that ethos(credibility) is the most effective way to persaude somebody. This aligns with modern views as well

    4. Speech based on knowledge is teaching, but teaching isimpossible [with some audiences];

      Aristotle is more cyncial than I would have thought. Or is he just being realistic?

    5. o it is difficultfor the judges to determine justice and benefits fairly; but most important of all, because the judgment of a lawmaker is not about aparticular case but about what lies in the future and in general, whilethe assemblyman and the juror are actually judging present andspecific cases.

      Logos, Aristole makes a logical argument and also an interesting one that I may agree with

    6. As aresult, if all trials were conducted as they are in some present-daystates and especially in those well-governed [the handbook writers]would have nothing to say;

      Like to summary said, Aristole is strictly focusing on logos arguments

    7. “Pleasant speech increases persuasiveness....Pleasantwords are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to thebody.”

      Similar to general standards today. Making the audience comfortable with yourself/making them trust you

    8. His interest inpolitical theory clearly developed out of Plato’s work but again wasmore pragmatic, based on study of existing constitutions in their his-torical development and defining the checks and balances that mightcreate stability in a mixed constitution rather than seeking to imaginean ideal state.

      Interesting, was not aware of how Artistole obtained so much influence from other philosphers