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  1. Dec 2019
    1. A Range of Interactives

      Testing it out!!!! Love ways students can interact with material and each other. Lots of cool ways this might be used!

    1. As Good or Better than Commercial Textbooks: Students’ Perceptionsand Outcomes from Using Open Digital and Open Print Textbooks

      I wish we had OER when I was a student! So much better than many traditional texts and they save money!

  2. Aug 2017
  3. Jul 2017
  4. Jun 2017
    1. of uncertainty made even more difficult by the unpredictability that I've been dealing with with regard to this particular company."

      Here's another idea

    2. pposed to live with no hydro?" she asked. "It's bad enough with the gas and whatnot. You have no lights, you can't do laundry. How are you supposed to shower and cook, you know? When you have kids — that's an essential service."

      test number two on this app

    3. what an interesting app this is