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  1. Jul 2017
    1. This whole article focuses on what, where, when, why and how Chinese government controls the Internet usage and users. In this virtual world, China is undergoing a real war using real technology. By over-watching, blocking and destroying the virtual world piece by piece, the government makes people to be powerless to against the wave.

      A lot of pieces of evidence reinforce author's argument. For example, when it comes to "how", the keywords such as "June 4th"(a brutal massacre that done by Chinese government troop happened in June 4th of 1989) and "Falun Gong" (an anti-communism party) would be in the watching list.

      Arguments made in this article are convincing; they are reinforced by other 4 materials I found for AB assignment.

    2. China's purported goal with its internet controls is the limitation of pornography, gambling, and other harmful practices, but such content is generally easier to access than information related to political and religious groups, human rights violations, and alternative news sources. In fact, the most frequently and systematically censored topics are those that the Communist Party deems to be the most threatening to its domestic legitim

      Right. Although pornography is illegal in China, it is accessible and, obviously, it is not a secret that a lot of people is watching porn content. However, the legal content which is about politics and history, is usually limited or even blocked, and whoever watches or comments those contents may suffer from the aftermath. It is ridiculous that the law is not followed by the law maker.