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  1. Feb 2019
    1. They would rather that students, very often those marginalized by the mainstream culture of the school, keep their fi res within.

      I found this part interesting because I know many school counselors who would hope that students speak up about their "fires within" so they can learn to cope with and/or overcome them in a supportive environment.

    2. The nervousness we sense before giving a performance or prior to running down a sand dune strapped to a hang glider are instances when tension can quite literally give way to creative or actual fl ight.

      I was a child who was very nervous about any type of public speaking, especially in front of my peers. I can relate to this feeling of flight. I was eventually able to overcome it when I became a teacher and gained confidence, but I'll never forget that feeling of flight.

    1. It provides both the writing text for my classroom and the social text where our lives intersect and we deepen our connections and understandings across lines of race, class, gender, nationality, and sexual orientation.

      The read-around is such a great way to create a classroom community where students feel heard and are comfortable sharing their own personal stories that may evoke strong emotions. I'm wondering if Linda had any students who were reluctant to share at first and how she encouraged them to do so in the future.

    2. And when they saw how their lives and stories intersected with the struggles of other people, they became more adept at making connections across cultures, races, and time periods.

      Making connections is such an important part of learning and retaining knowledge while reading. I also agree with Linda when she expressed that you should find books about life situations your students may currently be facing, such as a parent having trouble finding work, instead of only focusing books that match different races.

    3. No one who gave me the award even watched me teach.

      I find it surprising that an award for Outstanding Teacher was given without an observation taking place. Linda's thinking is correct about how answering questions the right way and applying is how to receive the award. Although I'm sure the award was well-deserved, and she is being modest about her teaching ability and the difference she makes in children's lives every day.

  2. Jan 2019
    1. Only by being true to the full growth of all the individuals who make it up, can society by any chance be true to itself

      I am a full supporter of an inclusive environment where children learn to work with others who have different personalities and ability levels. I also love that a new focus on STEM education is giving students from all ability levels the opportunities to create and become innovators as they learn to be social beings and work together to solve problems.

    2. the application of science resulting in the great inventions that have utilized the forces of nature on a vast and inexpensive scale

      I agree that we need to focus more on how science has been used by great inventors. Great inventors of the past can inspire children to connect science to the world around them and think critically about innovative ways to change the future.

    3. We cannot overlook the factors of discipline and of character-building involved in this: training in habits of order and of industry, and in the idea of responsibility, of obligation to do something, to produce something, in the world.

      I am so happy that discipline and character-building were mentioned here. This is an important social aspect that children need exposure to at a young age. It is also important to note that "immediate personal concern" helps children make real-world connections and have empathy about solving problems in the world today.

    4. To do this means to make each one of our schools an embryonic community life, active with types of occupations that reflect the life of the larger society, and permeated throughout with the spirit of art, history, and science.

      The reference about schools being "active with types of occupations that reflect the life of the larger society" resonates with me. This will help children look beyond just being an individual being and see that they are part of a larger society. It will also help them realize that they can actively contribute to making it a better place for everyone.