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  1. Jul 2016
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      See my Daily Create for Week 7. Come and ride the Mechanical Pig at the one and only Blue Zoo. A once in a lifetime ride! Don't miss out!

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      This is my second daily create assignment - "Do Your Most Serious, Critical Face Selfie." This is my selfie - "Really, I can't believe you just did that!"

    3. second DS106 Daily Create

      My second Daily Create for Week 5 - Who knew my shadow could have long legs, one strange hand and no other hand.<br>

    1. many individuals who have supported me

      I think it is important to feel supported. I hope the support continues for this worthy discussion.

    1. And I reiterate that while I expect, will gladly participate in, and deeply value conversation that subsequently arises because of this lette

      I hope they respond to this letter and engage in a conversation.

    2. The email I received yesterday was written by a member of 2016 COLTT Program Committee, followed a collegial lunch she and I had

      I think this is so unprofessional. There should be some standards that if you give this type of feedback it should be in-person or on the phone; not in an email.

    3. will neither participate in two sessions (one workshop, one general presentation) accepted into this August’s 2016 COLTT Conference, nor will I attend any aspect of the conference program.

      I hope other attendees find out why you will not be participating or attending the conference. The truth needs to be told to others.

    4. I did not — or that I would not — adhere to the content of an accepted presentation proposal, and whether at a COLTT conference

      Again, no justification just words. Explain further as to did you do something last year or was this "suggestion" given to all speakers at the upcoming conference.

    1. oung people might be more likely to Tweet at the next president rather than write a letter.

      I can't imagine "tweeting" a candidate. Do you really think he/she would answer you but rather a "intern" or some other person on the staff?

    2. Google Docs

      Google docs was how both my boys wrote papers for school. They didn't "turn in" papers. They had deadlines for each section of their paper and the teacher provided "real-time" feedback for them to correct as they were writing their papers. I think this is a better way then turning in your paper and then receiving feedback after it was graded.

    3. From fact-checking candidate statements to breaking down the rhetoric of campaign websites, we’ve developed annotation activities to help students harness the power of social annotation for civic participation.

      I think this is a great way to get youth introduced to learn about fact-checking and get engaged in civic participation.We only had a "fake" debate and then an election on the candidates. I think this would have been more informative.

    4. he project provides resources, learning opportunities, and curriculum ideas that help educators leverage the excitement around a national election by engaging youth in the US with reading, writing, and media-making about issues that matter.

      What a great way to get youth engaged in elections.

    1. log about your DS106 Assignment Bank Mashup creation

      My newest blog is about my favorite holidays. See why they are special and my holiday mashup. https://janetemerson.wordpress.com/2016/07/05/happy-st-halloween-assignment-bank-mashup

    2. Use Hypothesis and add your first Daily Create as a public annotation to this blog post

      Daily Create Week 5 - Learned something new again -What3Words. Never knew this about my home town :)

    1. It’s not enough to stand and yell “creativity!” or “why don’t we have five hours of dance each week like we have five ours of math”.

      It is so sad that many of our school districts are taking away arts and physical activity. I understand academics is important but so is the arts and physical activity. Why do you think there is an increase in obesity in our young - we don't require P.E. any longer - instead more academics. Young minds needs breaks and physician education is both good for their health and their minds.

    2. Some change from the outside. Some change from the inside. Some try to redirect movement of a system, others try to create a new system altogether.

      I think this is a good sign when people try to change. It shows they are willing to learn and improve.

  2. Jun 2016
    1. second DS106 Daily Create

      Here is my second Daily Create for Week 4. This was a fun assignment. I am learning so much from this class! I hope you enjoy it!


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      Check out my blog post for Week 4 Daily Create about a dilemma between two roommates.... https://janetemerson.wordpress.com/2016/06/28/can-i-keep-him-daily-create-week-4

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      Sunset from Grand Cayman -

    1. That is, you can use an openly licensed textbook, and not really change any traditional classroom practices.

      Both my kids didn't have textbooks to bring home. They could only use it in the classroom or "check it" out for one night only. This was a hard concept for certain classes because they didn't have examples or reference materials while doing their homework. In some classes, they had to take notes to help them with their homework. That is a problem if the child doesn't know how to take good notes or knows what they will be having issues with while doing their homework many hours later.

    2. the ownership of content and the ownership of data.

      This is an interesting statement. With all the social media outlets, who has the ownership. If you find it online, anybody can take it and change it to be their own withour the owner's consetn.

    1. Use Hypothesis and add your first Daily Create as a public annotation to this blog post

      Don't be swayed to let your domain go to the "dark-side."

    1.  The author gives just enough information to give you the basics of letterboxing without being overwhelming;

      I agree that she did a great job of keeping your interest with the basics and not overwhelming me. I enjoyed her humor during the video because it reminded me that this is fun and not a serious quest.

    2. Research

      I thought the person did a great job of letting you know what you needed and the purpose of the adventure. It was helpful for me since I didn't know anything about it.

    3. letterboxing

      I had never heard of this before. It looks like great fun with your kids or a girls's day out. How often do you do this and what did your family think of it?

    1. These days, many educators are thinking about how to engage their students in the coming election.

      My youngest son had an "election" in his government class. I thought this was a good training for them when they become adults to understand the importance of voting and how each election can impact people's lives.

    2. Whether you are teaching web literacy and having students read, write, and participate on the Internet, or you are simply teaching a traditional text like a poem or article that just happens to be online, you can use Hypothes.is to collaboratively annotate class readings.

      This is the first time that I have used Hypothes or even heard of it. I wish this was around when I went to school. I think this is a great way for students to engage with each other.

    1. I am not sure if when I post on hypothesis that it shows on this - still trying to figure this out - my new daily create.

    2. Check out my attempt at an Audio Assignment Bank. This song is very special to me and I hope you enjoy it :)


    3. Daily Create Week #2 - this was frustrating w/o photoshop and almost gave up but I did it!! This is for all you Fallon fans...

    1. Check out my new daily create - still learning how to do all this stuff :)

    1. I hope I did this correctly...my first daily create. Three things that made me happy are in one picture!!

    2. My own version of a Zen Garden. It might not have lots of gravel but it is where I can relax and become centered. Looking at the open space from my backyard. I think everyone has their own definition of "their" Zen Garden.