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  1. Dec 2015
    1. Flest nåddes av nyheten genom Aftonbladet

      Logiskt fel i det här resonemanget. Ingvar försöker göra gällande att unga människor litar på Aftonbladet, men att flest nås av en nyhet via Aftonbladet, och att unga människor litar på traditionella medier, innebär inte att unga människor nödvändigtvis litar på Aftonbladet.

  2. May 2014
    1. What does it mean to "flag" an annotation? It doesn't seem to happen anything when clicking the flag.

    2. Clicking the minitabs that show the number of annotations doesn't actually show any annotations, strangely enough.

    3. No way to retrieve your username if you forget it. You can get the password help, but not username.

    4. “Mobile” money/payments are being done, and done well, already.

      Does this happen often enough that it really need to be so explicit?

    5. Error message "Your submission is invalid" when entering the wrong password/username is not intuitive. (it also says that the password was incorrect though).

    6. Doesn't integrate with Lastpass :(((

  3. Nov 2013
    1. Jonas

      I'm very pessimistic about this network's ability to support more than 4 Fellows :(

    2. Jonas

      I'm very optimistic about the Fellows ability to affect change in the world!