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  1. May 2019
    1. The study was supposed to last for two weeks, but after Zimbardo’s girlfriend stopped by six days in and witnessed the conditions in the “Stanford County Jail,” she convinced him to shut it down.

      The study was so brutal that they barley made it a week. I think it is cray that they were not allowed to leave the experiment. They do not belong there and not having the option to leave put them in a terrifying position that they should not have been a part of, but also they knew what they signed up for.

    1. The number one thing that students on the panel said makes them want to try hard and succeed is knowing that teachers care about them and are part of the learning journey with them.

      The community is the students and teachers and the problem is if a teacher doesnt care about the students education it makes it harder for the student to learn and easier for them to fall behind. My sense is that a student teacher relationship is very important and really builds a positive environment for students. I has a similar experience with a teacher, she really did not care and she just gave us worksheets and pretty much everyone in the class was confused all year and no one took the AP test

    2. “The biggest thing that’s necessary is making sure the projects connect to the students,” said Gibran Huerta, a junior at Envision Academy in Oakland. “Teachers tend to give projects and benchmarks and create topics around things that students don’t really connect to.”

      The community is the students and the problem they are facing is they cant connect to what they are learning and that is making it harder for them to learn. My sense is that not everything you learn in school is going to be interesting or something you want to learn but you have to. High school you learn the basic knowledge to prepare you for whatever path you take in college. I had similar experiences in high school where i just couldnt connect to a reading, "Into The Wild", and that made it hard to read and i did not really get anything out of it but i did it because i had to

    3. Students like to know why they're learning something and they want to access that information through a lens that interests them.

      The community is the students and the problem they are facing is not being engaged in the material that they are learning. I find this interesting because students do not rally get a say in their education, they just do what they are told when it comes to school and their school work. I can agree with the students that some of the stuff we learn in school is pointless and we will never use it again like logs in math, i have no idea when i am going to have to take the log of a number in real life but i guess ill know how if i ever have to

  2. Apr 2019
    1. most first-generation students come from families with low incomes and minimal exposure to college.

      their parents could not afford to go to college and they can barley send their kids to college because they were not able to get a degree to give them a well paying job

    2. he student had grown up in a household with little money and where college had never been discussed.

      i think this is pretty typical for first generation students. Their parents do not talk about college so they do not talk about college because they do not know what to say or what questions to ask

    1. We talk about fonts, 12-pt type, theses, paragraphs, concision, the (always mysterious) flow, revision checklists, and grammar.

      in my opinion formatting is a waste of time and not every teacher uses the same one. Throughout high school it was MLA. MLA format is tattooed in my brain i had it down and then i got to college and my teachers want me to write my essays in APA format. I had never heard of that before and they expected us to know it, so i had to learn a whole new format by myself as well as write the essay at the same time

    2. Policing grammar and style is a shortcut — a way to avoid actual engagement.

      Writing rules make it easier for people like teachers to grade our writing based on specific rules that have been set by writer who felt they are the best.

    1. 25) Never write directly to the reader.

      i feel like this also has to do with what type of essay you are writing and who the audience is that will be reading your writing. In some cases i feel a lot of writings talk directly to the reader and again i feel this has to do with the writers own style

    2. 12)  Don’t use slang in formal writing, but if you absolutely must, put it in quotes.

      i feel the use of slang more has to do with how the writer talks and expresses themselves. It has to do with their personal writing style and i do not thing you can tell them it is entirely wrong

    1. These initial differences between traditional and non-traditional students further affect a student's ability to develop mastery of the college student rol

      Having parents who went to college really does make a difference in succeeding. They are able to guide you in picking your classes, how to pick them, how to pay for college, etc. first generation students might take a whole year or even two before they figure any of this out

    2. According to the faculty members, students needed to recognize the amount of time their schoolwork would require, and they needed to prioritize school above other commitments, so that they can meet expectations

      I am beginning to realize that this is very true, especially with this class... sorry DJ. I have not prioritized my classes correctly and it is really starting to effect me. Some classes were easier to put off then others and now i am falling behind. In the future i really need to take my classes work load more into consideration before doing stuff on my free time. Especially id have to say moving to a whole new city without my family contributed to this also.

    3. traditional and first generation students

      i am confused by the term traditional students. I am assuming they are students that have parents who graduated from college because the other term they use are first generation students and those are students who haven parents who did not graduate from college

    4. rst-generation students were also more likely to run into difficulty with specific assignments. In some cases, as in the first example below, the misunderstanding is so basic that it might apply to any course

      I actually came into contact with this problem when applying to classes my first semester. I was trying to take bio 230 but i could not get into it. I did not know i could "crash the course" to get into it. Not getting into that class was very stressful and now that i am in it this semester i feel stressed too because of the amount of work i have to do for every class. Now i know for the future if i dont get into it there is always a chance i can stlll take it.

    5. igher education is a critical pathway to achieving occupational success and social status in all industrialized countries.

      Without proper education in this century finding a well paying job is nearly impossible. Almost all jobs require a college education no matter the pay, which isnt always idea because your college education might put you in more debt then you can ever pay off with the job that you are pursuing.

    6. time that student entered college. Statistical data show that the concerns are well-founded. First generation students are less likely to graduate than peers who have at least one parent with a college education (National Center for Educa? tional Statistics 2005).

      AS a first generation college student i am feeling the pressure of not knowing what to do in college. It is easier to fall behind without guidance from your parent so i can see why the statistics show that first generation college students dont graduate as much as students with parents who went to college

    7. ccess in college is not simply a matter of students demonstrating academic ability. In addition, students must master the * 'college student' ' role in order to understand instructors' expectations and apply their academic skills effectively to those expectations

      i would have to agree to disagree with this statement. Yes you can figure out how college works kind of like high school where you dont really need to know the material to pass the class but i feel the higher up you go in college simply knowing how your professor teaches and how to be a college student is not going to be as helpful when it comes to really knowing your material.

  3. Feb 2019
    1. While my college had done an excellent job recruiting me, I had no road map for what I was supposed to do once I made it to campus.

      I can really relate to this statement because I am also a first gen college student. I am one semester in and I still do not know everything there is to know about how to "do" college

    1. Improving higher education should be a national priority.

      Students who go to private schools traditionally do better then kids who go to public schools. The kids from the public schools are the ones dropping out. why do you have to pay to get better higher education

    1. While interest in sleep is soaring, many sleep researchers worry that the risks of too little sleep still are not taken seriously

      Sleep is not what the world is built on so that is why it is not taken seriously. Hours of school require hours of homework and studying possibly on top of going to work. The more you work the more money you make. the average person does not have time to take a nap and it might possibly be hurting their health according to this article

    1. Courage propels our willingness to be different and unique--to establish ourselves as a university with a distinct mission and character, rather than a follower in the pattern of others. Courage allows us to hold difficult conversations in broad forums and undergirds our commitment to social justice, to shared governance, to academic freedom and to student, faculty and staff activism.

      Sfsu wants you to bring courage to their campus. they want you to be strong and be a leader figure within their campus. Courage is going to get you to graduate at sfsu

    1. Plan and concise and clear language that illustrates the University’s direction and role as an urban institution and its commitment to its historical legacy as fertile ground for diversity and cultivating modern thinkers through its dedication to teaching.

      The mission statement is that they as a university want to help you reach your academic goals. They take pride in their diverse campus, academics and that you chose to come study here

    2. Plan and concise and clear language that illustrates the University’s direction and role as an urban institution and its commitment to its historical legacy as fertile ground for diversity and cultivating modern thinkers through its dedication to teaching.

      The mission statement is The universities goal to get you through your education here at sfsu. They take pride in the diversity of the campus, their academics and that you chose to come study here.