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  1. Aug 2017
    1. The best folder structure is the one that mimics the way you work. Do you plan important tasks by quarter? A new folder for each quarter's work might be good. Or do you work around projects? Consider new folders for each project. Browsing through your folders and finding files should be intuitive. If your method of organization is tedious, it’s going to be tough for the rest of your team to follow along. For company projects, pick something that works well for everyone in the team, since everyone may not search for a file or folder in the same way you do. If you want to maintain your folder structure long-term, you’ll want to make sure everyone understands (and hopefully likes!) the system.
    1. If you notice yourself creating a sub-folder to hold only one file, then you’ve probably become a little over-zealous.

      I agree with this one:-)

    2. Tip #5.  Don’t be Shy About Depth Create as many levels of sub-folders as you need.  Don’t be scared to do so.  Every time you notice an opportunity to group a set of related files into a sub-folder, do so.  Examples might include:  All the MP3s from one music CD, all the photos from one holiday, or all the documents from one client.

      I really disagree with this one - I think over-use of subfolders makes it really difficult to work with a file-system.

    1. n Underscores and Spaces may make it harder to find a file.

      Really? Why? Does it make it harder to find the file on first blush?

  2. May 2017
    1. Publish as a template  ✔   ✘ 

      Something we would use

    2. Feature Classic New Site name  ✔   ✔  Site categories  ✔   ✘  Site notice  ✔   ✘  Site description  ✔   ✘ 

      Unnecessary for our Client Sites