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  1. Feb 2021
    1. The easiest way to understand our technology is to think of BetterUp as a gym or a dojo for realizing your potential. We have all the tools you need — metaphorical weight machines, personal trainers, exercise regimens, diet plans, etc. And we help you improve and become stronger in 20 life domains including leadership, nutrition, sleep, relationships, parenting, and communication. You get access to an expert who can personalize a plan for you and your goals.

      story and thinking of betterup

  2. Jan 2021
    1. The Stoics also held that certain destructive emotions resulted from errors of judgment, and they believed people should aim to maintain a will (called prohairesis) that is "in accordance with nature." Because of this, the Stoics thought the best indication of an individual's philosophy was not what a person said but how a person behaved.[2] To live a good life, one had to understand the rules of the natural order since they thought everything was rooted in nature.

      destructive emotions, behaviour rooted in nature