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  1. Nov 2017
    1. Districts of such extent as that every parent should be within a days journey of his son at school, would be desirable in cases of sickness, and convenient for supplying their Ordinary wants and might be made to lessen sensibly the expense of this part of their education.

      I find this part to be extremely interesting! A days journey now is A LOT different than a days journey back then. Now, we are spoiled with cars, trains, and planes to find our way back to Grounds. Parents hours away, in different states, can make their way here in less than a day! Back then, however, a day could be somewhere merely 2 hours away by car. The diversity of the school couldn't be nearly as different as it is today!

    2. diet

      If this still holds true, then why don't we improve the dining hall food? The typical meal found in the dining hall lacks proper nutrients. We should continue to enforce the importance of a healthy diet through the food we are forced to consume.