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  1. Oct 2021
    1. They're putting their money under the mattress.

    2. They are, in a word, disengaged

      On the other hand, one aspect of the One Percent stereotype is reaffirmed, that they are not contributing their wealth to their communities.

    3. But here is what is so sad about the Amex-Harrison report: hammered in the financial markets and hammered by the public, this Middle Class made-good, these engines of economic growth for the nation, have dug themselves into the bunker, battered both emotionally and financially. They are hoarding cash, avoiding almost all risk, shunning their communities and hunkering down with a few select friends and family only.

      This paragraph creates an image that is conflicting with the general idea of who a "One Percent-er" is. Rather than making them to appear as people living lavishly among all the top people, the general person of the One Percent is living in a "bunker" of their own wealth.

  2. Sep 2021
    1. always checking

      This reminds me of Descartes' methodic doubt, and is a good lesson to apply for our age of near limitless access to information. Whatever we find striking enough to remember could at least be doubted until the information we compartmentalize is both specific to our experience and generalizable enough to share, that way truth can be found in its application to reality as we see it and as others see it.