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  1. May 2019
    1. “integration, not exorcism

      recognition not extinction

    2. questions of guilt

      we already know that pilgrim is guilty for not preventing things he could have prevented

    3. he narrator interrupts Billy’s story on severaloccasions to authenticate the events. The text implies that because the horribleconsequences of the bombing of Dresden truly happened but are too farremoved from normal experience to be easily reported, they can neither becompletely fictionalized nor simply repeated through an eyewitness accoun

      everyone who was there has a different interpretation of the event so not everything the author says is completely true because everyone has different truths.

    4. A barbershop quartet that performs at his anniversary party causes a strongresponse in Billy because they remind him of the four German guards inDresden who, when they saw the destruction of their hometown, “in theirastonishment and grief, resembled a barbershop quartet” (179). Th

      the barbershop quartet is definitely a hallucination that billy has and they remind him of his traumatic experiences because they always seem to be present when something terrible happens to billy. he is probably imagining them as a way to connect all the events.

    5. persistent avoidance of stimuli associated withthe trauma and numbing of general responsiveness” as well as “persistentsymptoms of increased arousal” (DSM 424)

      it is interesting that billy has ptsd but he is still willing to talk about and write about his experiences during the war and is eager to discover what he forgot about dresden. most people who have ptsd do not want to talk about it.

    6. Symptoms of schizophrenia have to be presentfor at least six months before the disease can be diagnosed, and it is notcaused by an external event. Schizophrenics usually suffer fromhallucinations,2 in most cases hearing voices, and from social andoccupational dysfunction (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of MentalDisorders 285). Those criteria do not apply to Billy.

      Billy's form of schizophrenia was present for his whole life. It was just brought out by his experiences in the war, and then peaked after the plane crash. We fully start to see the way it effects others when his daughter feels he is a burden to her life. All his Tralfamadorian experiences are not real they are delusions brought about by his schizophrenia

    7. Weslowly narrow in on his condition using the novel as a conduit first to theprotagonist, Billy Pilgrim, then to the narrator, and finally to the author himself.

      Vonnegut's "condition" is different from that of billy pilgrim but he uses the viewpoints of billy ot contradict his own and therefor express it

    8. I came home in 1945, started writing about it, and wrote about it,and wrote about it, and WROTE ABOUT IT

      it is interesting how he can write so much about something but still have nothing to say. all the things he wrote were essentially meaningless.


  2. Apr 2019
    1. .Find out how many people have never even touched the internet. 3.4 billion.

      when you live in a first world country, you do not realize that the internet is a privilege. there are so many people from around the world who do not have access to the internet and they do not have to deal with the strange and unknown world of the WWW.

    2. 15. Find out the internet is going to rehab.

      this is personification. the internet can not actually go to rehab but it is going to rehab figuratively.

    3. Delete all social media. Download a VPN. Feel schizophrenic. Wonder if you’re a targeted individual.

      this is evidence that the argument of social media causing mental illness is true. People who get addicted to social media are more prone to depression and anxiety. This man deletes his social media in a reaction to intense paranoia and stress. He thinks he has been sucked into something that doesn't coincide with the person he wants to be. Being tested by corporate companies and being obsessed with strangers.

    4. the bottom of the internet.

      this term is used repetitively throughout the article. the "bottom of the internet" could be a symbol for many things. Obviously things like the pain olympics and different inappropriate sites that stupid attention seekers make could be what the author is referring to here, but there are much deeper and darker things. Later in the article he gets into the dark web, and the horrific things that are bought and sold through the dark web. The crime and danger in this part of the internet that is insanely larger than the WWW. That is another thing the bottom of the internet could stand for.

    5. Play Doom. Play Worms. Play Counterstrike. Play Chat Roulette. Sprint off the school bus to worship before the altar of the web. Become a back-of-a-head to your parents. Wait for fresh content. eBaum’s World on Fridays. Wimp’s daily five. Watching these videos is like swapping eyeballs with anyone on the planet. People are amazing, you realize, and stupid too. Torrent a movie that’s still in theaters. How is this even possible, you wonder. Watch it. Watch porn. Tell your friends that you found something incredible and that you’ve fallen in love with the internet.

      There is good syntax here because the author breaks his thoughts into staccato short sentences. The repetitiveness of the sentences, each explaining a different activity the author enjoyed on the internet, emphasizes the overwhelming abundance of programs the internet had to offer and when it first came out, how much people appreciated it. The short sentences represent a brain on overdrive discovering new things and wondering what else there is out there that the internet has to offer. It also conveys an excitement to share his discoveries with his friends