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  1. May 2017

      An excellent overview for Reddit. I've never used Reddit before so now I'm curious about it, expecially from a teaching perspective. What about the space seemed the most useful to you as a teacher? I love the interaction that spanned grade levels. Did you explore or extend your experiences into any other subjects? You've made a thorough set of connections between your space and our class readings. You've taken a much more systematic approach to the reflection than most of the other Affinity space presentations I've watched so far.

      You made strong connections both academically (to the readings) and personally to the engagement aspects of our course and fused all of your learning with those connections. I especially love how you've integrated your reflective process as a teacher to that of being a learner. I also like how interacting within the space caused gamer-like out of the box thinking and inspiration for doing other lessons and making real-world connections between math and the students.

      Congratulations on a really focused presentation!