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    1. handsome

      "Of a thing: having an attractive form or appearance; well-proportioned; elegant, stylish." (OED)

      Austen uses "handsome" to describe beauty in the male and female sense

    2. trade

      Trade - The practice of making one's living in business, as opposed to in a profession or from unearned income. (OED)

    3. three-and-twenty years

      three and twenty years = 23

      This number references the 23 years they had been married.

    4. chaise and four

      A chaise and four is a small carriage pulled by two to four horses with two to four wheels

    5. let

      When Mrs .Bennet says Netherfield is "let" she means someone is renting the estate.

    6. knighthood by an address to the King

      Lucas' knighthood was made official by the king possibly due to his already social and political title of mayor

    7. mayoralty

      Mayoralty - the office of mayor

      Sir William Lucas was mayor of Meryton