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  1. Nov 2017
    1. proper

      How did they decide what constituted "proper"? This is such a vague term, and it or terms like it show up in this text a few times. This seems like it could be a point of contention amongst the people in charge because it wouldn't be hard to have differing opinions about what is the proper distance. This would cause an issue again where it says "a building of somewhat more size ... may be called for". How would anyone who came after them know what they really meant by this if charged with the task of designing the new building? It just seems like when building an entirely new university there should be less room for deviation from the original intentions.

    2. fertility of the neighbouring country

      I feel like this could have multiple meanings.. It could have a practical application when considering the fertility to mean the fertility of the soil -- in order to grow crops -- or it could be an aesthetic application of the word. It would seem like the practical application would make more sense because they would want to have food and resources readily available but for some reason it doesn't come across this way. To me it comes across as though they're concerned about the "fertility" of the land because they want to be surrounded by beauty at the university. While this is important, it does not seem like it is important enough to be one of the top concerns.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. free to do whatever does not violate the equal rights of another

      Does this mean what does not violate the equal rights of another student? Another member of the university? Surely at this time they were not concerned with respecting everyone's equal rights.

    2. these Languages being the foundation common to all the Sciences, it is difficult to foresee what may be the extent of this school

      Everyone always says that it's important to learn from our past. Would that not then make these languages important to learn as well? If no one continued to learn these languages then what would happen when something from the past needed to be reevaluated or reinterpreted? Maybe I'm misinterpreting what they mean by it being difficult to foresee the extent of that school, but to me that sounds like they are saying it does not have much potential or there is not much need for it.