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  1. Dec 2017
    1. Learn more. Often, writers lack self-confidence because deep down, they realize there’s something they don’t know. And they’re trying to fake it without that knowledge. It could be how to write in blog format, or how to get really great quotes from sources, or how to write strong query letters. If you sense your nervousness stems from a knowledge gap, fill it.

      Yeah -- this is a good one.

    2. calling publications that post full-time job ads and asking if they use freelancers. I found a new, $1-a-word market that way.
    3. If you have self-confidence that you’re a strong writer, you become an unstoppable force. You keep going until you make top dollar.
    1. Adams and McEwen previously started MiKandi, a Seattle-based company that operates a marketplace for adult apps, with tech lead and co-founder Chris O’Connell. They’re also the three founders of Tenta, but the new startup is an entity separate from MiKandi. For a long time, they’d been searching for a product they could launch without the restrictions that apply to businesses in the adult industry.