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  1. May 2014
    1. z

      American spelling?

    2. I had to collapse the Annotator to see part of the page being annotated, there was no separate scroll bar. This was annoying and seemed ineffective.

      The scroll bars confused me in general, had to pay close attention.

    3. HOW

      Too much emphasis on HOW? How do we get the balance between supporting ppl and investing in ideas in the message?

    4. evidence of innovation

      We want to see evidence/motivation of innovation at the conceptual level. Can be more clear here.

    5. Public/private should be selected at a higher level, not on a per annotation level. Maybe per session.

      • I now see it is per session, but that was not clear as I made the selection in a specific annotation.
  2. Nov 2013
    1. contact

      Moxie and Karien:

      Other possible ideas for finding people:

      Match people's expectations of why they are doing this, i.e. be clear about what your project is setting out to achieve in the world and what they will contribute.

    2. clear protocol

      Moxie and Karien:

      Hire a speaking agent. You brief them on what you want to do, and they will go out and set it up. http://eviltwinbooking.org/

      Target groups - clubs, student groups, faculties (profs), student outreach coordination, internship coordination, recruiting days. (Different at each institution where to start/who to contact.)

      Speaking agent handles contracting process, including fee negotiation.

      General suggestions:

      • Do this well in advance, possibly even before Christmas the year before.
      • Hang around after the talk to speak to students directly. Allow enough time for this!
      • Have a clear path and action list for signing up students afterwards, including a contact at the university, e.g. community support person who can/will also do info sharing, e.g. writing blog posts, etc.

      Talk for free at one of the local industrial arts spaces and/or hacker spaces. Have a clear pathway for non-students to participate/contribute.

    1. here

      Tartans text annotation comments:

      Tags - suggest tags automatically somehow, let users align tags better, list of tags publicly available, most used tags, etc

      Share specific comments with specific others from Hypothes.is as you comment.


      Make it easier/more obvious to collapse certain tasks, e.g. edit, new annotation, share, reply/edit/delete at the top right of a comment

      Make it clear that creating a new annotation from the option on the heat bar creates an unanchored annotation.

      Once you've expanded the annotation tool column, it is very difficult to push it bag.

      Make it clearer what the eye/highlighter/+bubble means.

      The fuzzy anchoring issue - awesome and terrible.

    2. image annotation

      The selection on the image should remain while you are editing.

    3. Karien

      Pessimistic: The world is in every man for himself survival mode.

    4. Karien

      Optimistic: There are people like our funder and fellows who choose to contribute to positive change.