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  1. Sep 2018
    1. Fear is something you get used to, it becomes the new baseline from which your body operates

      I agree to that as I was in a situation where i was in constant fear for more then a year. Yet, i believe she needed to add the fact that constant fear breaks one's stability. It's bad.

    2. For the last few nights I have been glued to the news, unable to turn it off

      most of us Egyptians can totally relate to that.. 25th of January 2011..

    3. Our daughter did not die because of a bullet or mortar shell or carbomb, like my father, sister, brother, cousin, mother, neighbor, pharmacist, teacher

      again, this is very catchy and touching. Listing all the deaths must be very hard for her

    4. I have buried seven husbands, three fiancés, fifteen sons and a two-week old daughter

      this is atrocious, no one should be put in such situation

    5. I have been threatened, beaten, strip-searched, thrown in prison, tortured and made to watch as my mother knelt weeping at the dirty feet of tribal leaders to beg for any information about my kidnapped father. I have waited at countless checkpoints, praying that no one finds the bread, the money, the schoolbooks, the chocolates I have hidden in my bag, on my body, trying to smuggle them through to people on the other side.

      This beginning of the article is very catchy, we do not understand where she is, why she is in this situation and it makes me want to understand what's happening to her by reading the article.