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  1. Sep 2019
    1. Inspired by the diversity of our community that includes many first-generation college students, and the courage of an academic community that strives to break down traditional boundaries,

      This quote is very powerful in the way that it reinforces the idea that our college is a "melting pot" that prides itself on it's diversity and collective progression, as a community.

    1. It’s true in red states as well as in many blue and purple states

      I think this quote is very significant because it shows that the issues with higher education are not political. They are universal problems that effect everyone. I think it is interesting that it is addressed.

    2. Other research that has tried to tease out the actual effects of higher education finds them to be large. And they’re not limited to money

      This statement reaffirms the importance of college and higher education by describing the lasting effects it gives. This contributes to the article's thesis of there needing to be an improvement of access to higher education. I find this quote to be interesting because I would imagine graduates to be less happy but it's good to know.

    1. The survey then gave them some study strategies that seem like they would correlate with that learning style.

      Personally, I don't believe that learning styles are useful in classifying or benefiting their "assignees." I think that it would've been better to just be openly provided the learning strategies rather than assigned them. A test can never truly be accurate, in my opinion.

    2. Self-proclaimed visualizers tried to create an image, and self-proclaimed verbalizers tried to form words. But, there was a rub, he said: “If you’re a visualizer and I give you pictures, you don’t remember pictures any better than anyone who says they’re verbalizer.

      I find this quote very interesting just because it proves there is a disconnection between self-established titles and accuracy behind them. I really agree with the idea that people differ in abilities and not styles. I think labels and categories are too restricting to be able to classify ones self under. Styles intersect and can be mixed for everyone because of the very real fact that people are unique and generally different from each other.