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  1. Sep 2019
    1. Other countries test very differently. The US test their students more than any other country in the world. In Singapore, they have fewer assessments. The students there have open ended essay responses, problem solution, and oral responses. They have more project-based assessments which allows students to actually produce their own data and analyze it in many different ways. That’s the difference between other countries and the US because the students in the US are sitting at their desks bubbling in answers while other countries are doing more hands-on activities which provides resources to be successful in life.

    2. I find it interesting that many scholars find that standardized test are practically useless. Studies have shown standardized test we use predict almost nothing about your success later in life. Google used to use transcripts and test scores to hire candidates but today they realized that there was no correlation between those scores and how a person performs at their job. So today if you were to apply there, Google would be trying to find out your learning ability. Which is your ability to get new information, find out how to apply it, work with others, learn from those things and find out a solution. I find that really interesting and that’s something more companies should look into and start practicing.

  2. Aug 2019
    1. This article mentions a lot of very important ideas. For example, I really like how they mention a lot about the RTI steps they take and how important it is to start intervention early. The district also makes it a point to be aware of all the risk kids face and ways to deal with mental health issues. The DCPS mental health team continues to develop ways to reduce disproportionality.

    2. I really liked how the DCPS mentioned that their goal as a school district is to ensure that every DCPS school provides a world-class education that prepares all students, regardless of background or circumstance, for success in college, career, and life. I like this because it is very important with the diverse culture that exist within our school systems. And to have a district have their goal to include every type of student is very important!