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  1. May 2019
    1. everything in their educations to that point had prepared them for interrogating and unpacking, demystifying and subverting, all of the most important critical acts of reading against the grain, but too little emphasis had been placed on the acts of paying attention, of listening, of reading with rather than reading against.

      This quote reveals a lot about education and expectations from students. Throughout my high school years, all readings were so focused on symbolism and pointing out all of these parts of books and articles that in the grand scheme, didn't make a difference to the point of the article. When I arrived for my first year of university it was a shift I had to make, because reading was no longer so focused on these minute details but rather more about understanding the content that was being presented.

    1. For now, I am stuck in the middle, and all I want is for this project to be called done.

      This is definitely frustrating, when you think it will go a certain way, and you're excited, to it not being anything like the way you planned and it is no longer fun. It is certainly relatable in many aspects, but I think it is important to see this coming from someone who is an academic higher up in the field. It is a strong reminder to push through, even when things may get tough.

    1. I know I’m looking forward to depositing my data. Maybe other historians will cite it, I’ll put it on my annual review – or maybe even my CV – and we can slowly start having a professional shift here in Canada.

      This definitely shows his viewpoint, which aligns with mine. If we are able to deposit sources, and create a more efficient and helpful research platform, it will help the majority of people out.

    1. These notifications could range from one that says, essentially, “if it isn’t in the notebook others can assume that you haven’t done it,” to more limited notifications that say clearly “others cannot assume that if it isn’t in the notebook you haven’t done it.”

      I think that this is a good idea because it leaves some discretion to the researcher as to what they want to be published. On the other hand however, I can see how this may not be the best idea, because as readers using the source/research, it would be hard to understand what is and isn't included.

    2. The truth is that we often don’t realize the value of what we have until someone else sees it

      I really like this quote. It's a good reminder that a lot of the time we undermine our own work, when in reality it is actually good and useful for others. We don't tend to see the hard work and time put into our own research until others point it out.