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  1. Jan 2018
    1. twenty leagues in two hours!!

      faster than Usain Bolt, for reference

    2. under the assumed name of Thyrsis

      This seems more like something Mr. Oldbuck keeps telling himself, like giving him a "new" identity to live differently (~turn over a new leaf~)

    3. The rival continues his evolutions.

      The more this image recurs the funnier it is, I actually laughed out loud here. The comic is probably trying to have a similar effect with all of the other repeating events.

    4. The new comers taking the rope of Mr. Oldbuck for a pot hook, hang their kettle upon it, and are dreadfully frightened to see it ascend the chimney.

      second best sentence

    5. He is pursued by a legion of enraged monks

      best sentence of this entire comic

    6. his beloved object

      ...and his dog. and himself? What's up with the eyepatch? He still can't SEE anything other than his lust

    7. hermit.

      Dog disappears here, shows lack of appreciation for dogs :(

    8. but can't.

      Much like a dog with a stick in its mouth, funny and but evoking pity

    9. vanishing in the distance.

      Blinded by her beauty and then he can't see her at all, is she even real or just the idea of "Ladye-Love"? (of course the unnaming shows anonymity even more)

  2. Mar 2017