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  1. Jan 2019
    1. s useless to bemoan the departure of the good old days of children’s modesty, reverence, and implicit obedience, if we expect merely by bemoaning and by exhortation to bring them back. It is radical conditions which have changed, and only an equally radical change in education suffices.

      I think that in today's society there are so many more things that can be a factor in distracting students from their education. This can include technology, since many students have easy access to their phones. It could be something that is affecting them in their home life. It is important to change the way information is presented to the students in way that reflects their current interests and needs.

    2. Indeed, almost the only measure for success is a competitive one, in the bad sense of that term—a comparison of results in the recitation or in the examination to see which child has succeeded in getting ahead of others in storing up, in accumulating the maximum of information. So thoroughly is this the prevalent atmosphere that for one child to help another in his task has become a school crime

      From experience, even today I will notice students comparing their capabilities to other students. I think that it is important to measure their own individual progress over time separate from their classmates. Each student develops differently at their own pace, but that does not mean that they aren't learning. I think that peer learning is also an important tool as different lessons and perspectives can be taught to the student through a classmate.