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  1. Mar 2018
    1. “Kilgore was well aware that what he was doing was illegal but his sick sexual fantasy to have sex with a little girl pushed him to having an Uber deliver her to him,” Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said.

      Biasing statement, made by a trusted official in position of power. Pro-prosecution effect.

    2. The creep sent pictures

      Emotional, not factual.

    3. sicko

      Emotional, not factual.

    4. Taylor Kilgore, 21,

      Mugshot photo

    5. Pervert

      Emotional, not factual information. Pro-prosecution effect

    1. He said he believes the husband knew about his wife’s online persona, but wouldn’t say if investigators suspect an argument over that led to the killing. He said he couldn’t say whether the husband was OK with what she was doing online.

      Speculation about possible defense and story structure of arguments.

    2. But she seemed like a different person on other online accounts.
    3. After the slaying, mother Nancy Martin posted a photo of her smiling daughter and son-in-law on Facebook, and in a post seeking money for funeral expenses she referred to “Kat” as “a cherished wife to Jeff, as well as a loving mother to their daughter.”

      emotional, not factual information.

    4. full-time wife and mom on Facebook but lived another life on other social media platforms. With a resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, she called herself an exhibitionist and posted risque photos with a chance for subscribers to see sexier images for $15.99 a month.

      This is not relevant to the successful prosecution of this woman's murderer. Pro-defense effect. Casts the victim in a sketchy light so as to evoke emotion from the jury pool. Attempting to separate the victim from possible jury pool (i.e., harder for jurors to imagine themselves the victim).

    5. “He was the suspect from the very beginning,” Lemley said.

      Pro-prosecution effect. Biasing towards the defendant.

    6. Online Exhibitionist

      Why do we need to know she was allegedly an "online exhibitionist"?