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  1. Sep 2021
    1. college and universities largely privilege writ-ing over reading.

      College does tend to focus and adhere on what you have to say. I do think in college writing can get overwhelming because it is a top priority to be able to concept how you feel in words. I think this can play on a deeper role because this can cause students to be less inclined to speak up for a cause or for other personal values due to being burnout from the educational system. So in college, is there another way to voice or express without having to intertwine 8 pages essays with personal thoughts that are being forced upon and possibly inorganic. More is not always better.

    2. course, even explicit reading instruction in a writing-inten-sive classroom will not benefit students fully if they are unable to recognize how their reading can help them improve as writ-ers.

      This is why student engagement and understanding can be the most important thing in a classroom. The highlighted line drew my attention because the county will have concerns as to how well a student preform with 50 multiple choice, though the real effectiveness is within the comprehension beyond the classroom.

    3. All too often, this assignment has no audience other than the teacher, no purpose beyond earning a grade, leaving students with little motivation to locate quality sources and use them thoughtfully.

      A teacher of purpose would be the goal because as it suggests, school should translate to real life. Even though the standard of what is being taught in school can’t always be an attribute in you’re later profession, it still has a secondary effect that gives you real word skills. Having to associate with others about learning further on a subject or asking a question triggers those sensory motor skills that you start to loose from when you were smaller in age. The educational system will never be perfect when it comes to implementing the real world into the curriculum, but utilizing those secondary real world attributes is what actually gets you prepared. Socialization and communicating can be key in all scenarios and school can play a part in improving those skills unintentionally.