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  1. Oct 2015
    1. to curate

      This is an interesting one, it seems like there is an entire curatorial process/practice behind the digital forms of art. It's also curious that he does not refer to that process as "editing". The visual and literary arts terminology is mixed up again.

    2. creating programs that themselves write “original” works of literature

      Quite odd, the idea of a non-human individual applying faculties and cognoscitive tools which can't even be approached by other beings, very cyborg-ish, this definetely goes beyond simple relations between bits and electronic devices.

    1. While in Europe the term "Digital Literature" is used to refer to Electronic Literature, in the U.S. digital literature is generally seen as print-based literary work digitalized for the web and stand-alone technologies like a CD-ROM.

      It would be interesting to see how the current range of technology have added more perspectives from other places about the meanings of e-lit .

    1. These activities, unbound by pages and the printed book, now move freely through galleries, performance spaces, and museums

      So interesting to see how the "literariness" of the literature is challenged here. It goes from books and words to a more syncretic view of the creative work. Made me think of comparative studies.