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  1. Sep 2016
    1. Historically,regulatory agencies and the water utility industry at large have been reluctantto addressthese dangersbeyond use of corrosion control tre

      If this has happened before, that means that the state government officials in Michigan were probably reluctant to be very conscientious of the corrosion, as it had not been a problem before.

    2. the critical role played by engaged Flint citizens,by individuals both inside and outside of government who had theexpertise and willingness to question and challenge governmentleadership,and by members of a free press who usedthe tools that enable investigative

      Many citizens and various people in the community in Flint stepped up to take leadership roles or provide each other with moral support, which is comforting.

    3. They have deeply affected Flint’s public health, itseconomic future,1and residents’trust in government.

      These are very good points, and I am wondering if this is the order of how much the crisis affected. For instance, is the economic future more affected from this incident than the residents' trust in government?

    4. The Flint water crisis is a story of government failure, intransigence, unpreparedness, delay, inaction, and environmental injustice

      There is definitely a lot of negative and the crisis is very depressing, but I feel that some positive things came out of this. For example, many citizens learned how to cope in a traumatizing, harsh environment. Also, the state government learned that inspection of water at an early point in time is crucial to catch any problems.

    1. “I can’t live in a world where that happens. I won’t live in that world.”

      This is a very influential and healthy mindset, as it provides hope and motivation to make the world a better place. Implementing a growth mindset in the toughest of times is very important.

    2. He tells his students that everyone has it in them to be heroic.

      Anyone can be a change maker, and I think this is an important lesson to teach kids from a very young age.

    3. It’s caused “a crisis in confidence in government,

      This raises the issue of distrust in our government. The worst form of government is a form that is disliked by the people, and this water crisis has definitely created some mistrust in our federal government.

    4. He set up a website to update the public on his findings and hold the government accountable.

      Social media and website creation seem to be the most effective way to share information these days instead of publicizing information through newspapers or any tangible reading.

    5. “YOU WANT OUR TRUST?? WE WANT VA Tech!!!”

      Teens coming together to protest shows that youth have a voice and a substantial affect on community and government.

    6. In Flint, Mich., there is a famous block of concrete that for decades has served as a community message board.

      This starts off the article strongly, signifying that throughout the good and bad, the community of Flint will go through everything together. We truly feel a sense of community in this introduction.

    1. Early interventions can help children with other disabilities, and the CDC report suggests they could help children with lead poisoning too.

      Here, we see the lead contamination of the water affecting education, which is not okay!

    2. A girl in Flint gets a blood test for lead

      Strong pathos here. I feel her pain. :(

    3. resigned

      It is so sad that these officials are resigning in the face of danger and in the middle of a problem. Shouldn't they try to fix the crisis?

    4. failed to follow federal rules

      There were so many people that are to blame for this problem, and I understand that it is important for them to acknowledge their mistakes. However, the main focus right now should definitely be how to fix the crisis instead of placing blame on the public officials who slipped.

    5. some of the highest water bills in Michigan.

      ...and their water is still not the best quality! This is saddening.

    6. Flint failed to properly treat the water, and the state failed to properly test it.

      This shows that in order to prevent issues from happening, problems must be detected early. Because the state did not test water before they used it, their citizens faced the terrible consequences.

    7. that will have lifelong effects on their brain and nervous systems

      This is devastating. I feel so grateful to have been raised somewhere the water is not only completely clean, but tastes great.

    8. The Michigan National Guard hands out bottled water in Flint.

      I like that the bottle packaging looks kid-friendly, and I think it is important to add little happy things to life. That being said, the Star Wars design was a cute idea!

    9. racial and economic inequality.

      Like said in the Flint water crisis introduction video, this crisis is not only environmental. It also raises social (specifically racial) and economic issues. It is absurd and completely unfair that the quality of life of a person can be determined by the color of their skin. Is anyone else totally angered by this as well?

    10. the water crisis exemplifies problems that stretch far beyond a single city.

      If this social and environmental crisis can happen in one city, why should any other historically poor city think that they might be safe from lead poisoning of their water? This issue raises fear not only within the community of Flint, Michigan, but also throughout the country.

    11. celebrities are donating bottled water

      It is relieving that people with wealth see the Flint water crisis as a problem. Celebrities are especially important to raise awareness to, because in addition to donating money, a celebrity's public life can raise more awareness about various causes.