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  1. Dec 2017
    1. This doctrine is the genuine fruit of the alliance between church and State

      This feels kind of contradictory to me, considering the idea of separation of church and state was so important at this time. I wonder why education would be the exception?

  2. Nov 2017
    1. James Breckenridge

      Although most of the names on this list have little to no information on them, James Breckenridge is the only Federalist on this list. The rest of the identifiable signers are all Democratic-Republicans. I wonder if this was a calculated effort to try and offer more views (probably unlikely) or just that Breckenridge has enough prestige, reputation, or stock to merit his opinion on the formation of a new school, despite him holding differing political views.

  3. Oct 2017
    1. greater security against fire

      First, I find it interesting that the first justification they give is survival-based and very practical. Also, isn't it just a little ironic that they mention protection against fires...