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  1. Aug 2019
    1. Incremental progress made on multiple manuscripts can start to feel like no progress made on anything.

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  2. Apr 2019
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    5. Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense

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    7. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, 1776


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    1. Four dimensions of design opportunities are presented to overcome thosechallenges and barriers towards improving connected learning in library buildings and other free-choice learning environments that seek to embody a more interactive and participatory culture among their users.


    2. The results provide insights into factors that contributed to HTEas a social, interactive and participatory environment for learning – knowledge is created and co-createdthrough uncoordinated interactions among participants that come from a diversity of backgrounds, skills and areas of expertise. The insights also reveal challenges and barriers that the HTE group faced in regards to connectedlearning.


    3. This paper reports on findings from a study that explored implications for design of interactive learning environments through 18 months of ethnographic observations of people’s interactions at“Hack The Evening” (HTE).