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  1. Feb 2021
    1. The trace left behind is substituted for the practice.

      reminds me of a simulacrum, like prints or photo negatives footprints are each individually copies and gain meaning in this context when repeated with others, the original shoe/person is forgotten.

    1. lipping by night into houses undergoing demolition, hitchhiking nonstop and without destination through Paris during a transporta­tion strike in the name of adding to the confusion, wandering in sub­terranean catacombs forbidden to the public, etc

      It is interesting that all of these examples of activities that share the spirit of the dérive involve rulebreaking/disruption, whereas the previous descriptions do not make a rebellious element to the experience very obvious

    1. Each bit of information is controlled, but the mix of information is accidental and can't be organized

      I don't think this is true anymore. Algorithms personalize and control everyone's internet, which asserts the point of the last paragraph, that the internet is a composite of private, self-sufficient and self-serving cities. If public can be a composite of privates, as Acconci states, then 2021 internet would still qualify as a public space, but the increased difference between individual experiences online intuitively seems like it should make it a less public space.

    2. Each person becomes too infected, either with information or with disease, to be with another.

      this is topical