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  1. Aug 2019
    1. Parents who want nothing more than to have their child earn their degree, yet are unwilling to share the tax information required for the student to do the FAFSA.

      How would / could we handle this situation? Would it be inappropriate to try and talk to parents ourselves?

    2. Practice gratitude by planning a thank-you note writing event with your Community Leaders. Invite your graduating students to write notes to the offices, organizations, and people that have supported them over their time on campus.

      This is a really nice/thoughtful activity.

    3. but not overcommit themselves too early. Finding the right balance is key!

      Something I would really like to stress to my students.

    4. Review or learn how to set SMART goals.

      I love SMART goals. Something a previous supervisor put me onto that really helped with professional/personal growth.