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  1. Nov 2016
    1. Physical Spaces and Technology-Enabled Learning

      What does and should a classroom look like? How does this fit with "traditional schooling?" How can we make this change on school budgets?

    2. country

      I think this graphic, especially the active use section is incredibly helpful. It clearly demonstrates the difference between using technology for technology sake and "how to" use it to transform learning and engage globally. This is a graphic that needs to be shared and referred to all of the time.

    1. However, a digital use divide separates many students who use technology in ways that transform their learning from those who use the tools to complete the same activities but now with an electronic device

      I think that this is very important and speaks to the struggle I mentioned in our introductions. Professional Learning is needed to help teachers integrate ways to transform their students' learning, not just use tech instead of paper.