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  1. May 2021
    1. // Create a wallet const wallet = arianee.fromRandomKey();

      Example of ambiguity around the term wallet nothing tells whether here wallet means "private keys on your computer" or "account at arianee"

  2. Apr 2021
    1. Contrairement à l'enregistrement, aucun des services susmentionnés ne nécessite un agrément obligatoire pour pouvoir exercer

      Agrément != enregistrement

  3. Feb 2021
    1. Remembrance Agent

      Funny how the acronym is also the one of Reticular Activating System, that David Allen, in the gtd, claims to be the part in the brain responsible for similar associative memory triggering.

  4. Jan 2021
    1. what is the goal of a scientific experiment at hand? If the goal is to establish a discrepancy with the null hypothesis and/or establish a pattern of order, because both requires ruling out equivalence, then NHST is a good tool

      Occam's rasor

    2. The figure was prepared with G-power for a one-sided one-sample t-test, with a sample size of 32 subjects, an effect size of 0.45, and error rates alpha=0.049 and beta=0.80. In Fisher’s procedure, only the nil-hypothesis is posed, and the observed p-value is compared to an a priori level of significance. If the observed p-value is below this level (here p=0.05), one rejects H0. In Neyman-Pearson’s procedure, the null and alternative hypotheses are specified along with an a priori level of acceptance. If the observed statistical value is outside the critical region (here [-∞ +1.69]), one rejects H0.

      IIUC, Fisher's p-values tests H0's significance while Neaman&Pearson's alĥa, beta compares the relative significance of H1

    1. A note that is not connected to this network will get lost in the card file and ill be forgotten by it.

      A good idea for a review for expiring notes: use the degree and the date of the note as a hint. An old unconnected note may be forgotten to avoid polluting the system. A good companion capable of discussion and surprising us should (IMHO) also be capable of forgetting fading stuff, like I do.

    1. There are two possible ways to assemble a draft with the help of notes from the archive: Copy and paste everything into a single document and rewrite later. This creates a strong relationship between your draft and your notes right away. If you change the notes in the process, the changes won’t be reflected in your draft. Reference notes instead of pasting their content. This is a much weaker relationship. You don’t rely on the content of a note itself, but on the note’s existence

      Can we do both with org-transclusion?