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  1. Jun 2019
    1. reclaim literary spaces by retelling classic stories from the perspective of nondominant groups of learners.

      This bothers me a little bit. Doesn't the very idea of a "retelling" of a "classic" promote the idea that the stories of nondominant groups of learners are variations of the dominant group rather than a rich and very distinct thing all on its own?

    2. hanging Goldilocks into someone they could culturally relate to, as well as in fulfill-ing the academic objectives of the lesson, before sharing their CFTs with the class. As a class, we completed a Venn diagram comparing and con-trasting the traditional story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and one of the CFTs that they thought was the most creative and authent

      I'd be interested to hear/see these stories. What changes do the students make. Is changing and adapting white narratives into black ones the same as creating authentic narratives that come this source?

  2. May 2019
    1. The feeling of voicelessness creates a sense of internalized powerlessness for students in their schooling and preparation for learning and success.

      Finding ways to give power to voice. We conduct many, many focus groups to collect student voice but, it doesn't always become powerful. We did switch texts--Fences in, Death of a Salesman out--based on exit discussions with students.

    2. If you treat students more professionally, then they are likely to act more professionally.”

      We're having this conversation now. How do we address social issues with a "policy"?

  3. Jan 2019
    1. For Fasting and Football, a Dedicated Game Plan

      We're at it again friends. This time, as you annotate, concentrate on the moves you see--even if you can't name them--and how they work to produce an effect on you the reader.

    1. The

      Hey Friends, This is our next text--all three parts--annotate to your hearts' content, but don't skip the videos, and take a look at how the original articles looked.

    1. New York City Fire Department

      Sample, notice how I made it public and used a tag. You can also add links to other material.

      Images are good too, but only if you think they add something to our understanding of the text. Here's the first female firefighter in the NYFD.