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  1. Sep 2016
    1. It is likely that some of the platforms and styles we explore here will be outmoded or replaced by the time you read this

      I feel this is really true. I was in about middle school when everyone had a Myspace and Instant message though their e-mail platform. Though just a couple years later Myspace was retired to the land of forgotten sites when Facebook came and took the crown from Myspace among my peers.

    2. Blogging may well be the most visible and accessible form of Web 2.0 storytelling. It is one of the oldest social media authoring platforms, allow-ing at least a decade of steady creation to provide a wealth of experiment

      I feel that though blogging is a storytelling form of social media. I feel that it lends itself more to the form of nonfiction writing than it does a fiction. Most blogs that I have seen have something to do with the bloggers own personal life than them telling a fictional story or showing. Though there are some blogs dedicated to fiction writing, I have one for my fiction seminar and also had it for my 302 English class. It's when I think of blog I think someone talking about their life experiences than fiction writing.