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  1. Mar 2018
    1. While the word ‘authentic’ is perhaps the most popular and overused marketing term at the moment, in the eyes of the millennial, authenticity equates to edgy and upcoming cultural hubs

      Does authenticity equate quality? What makes some brands authentic and others not?

    2. millennials constitute the majority of the voting age population and the workforce, and so are clearly an important demographic for streetwear labels to address.

      What about the next generation (generation z)?

  2. Feb 2018
    1. you only need to be 14 with a knack for reselling and have wads of cash tucked inside a shoebox to build a treasure trove of fire wares

      Important part to the Hype beast culture.

    2. gram game,

      Instagram game/Instagram prowess. Also known as "Flexing"

    3. Instagram is a main motivator

      Very key point

    1. it will be harder to maintain the sense of exclusivity and authenticity the brand's been so successful at trading on

      Very interesting idea and topic.

    2. Follow Jamie Clifton

      I don't have twitter :(

    3. Every time Supreme releases chunks of new stuff at its ten stores across Europe, America, and Japan—which is every Thursday from the start of each collection—hundreds of people skip school or work to get first dibs.

      Every Thursday, at the start of each collection, hundreds of people skip school or work to get first dibs at Supreme's 10 locations across the globe.

    4. tired Nick; patient Werner; teenagers from Cardiff, Newcastle, and Canterbury; the guy wearing a Supreme sleeping bag like a Snuggie

      This doesn't really matter to the story since there is not much development on these kids.