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  1. Jul 2021
    1. Meme creators and posters have been sued for using people’s images without permission, especially those who were not already public figures. In 2003, the parents of the unwilling star of the “Star Wars Kid” video sued their son’s classmates for posting the video online. Though the suit was settled, the video did not disappear, and the Star Wars Kid learned to deal with his fame.

      I think memes are also a potential breach of privacy. If a video is taken of you without consent and it goes viral, there is no going back. You will see that video like no tomorrow. It's life changing.

    2. When memes or the subjects of a meme are used for commercial purposes without permission, the meme creator may sue, as the effect of the commercial use on the market value of the original meme usually prevents a finding of fair use. In 2013, the owners of the cats featured in the “Nyan Cat” and “Keyboard Cat” memes won a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and 5th Cell Media for respectively distributing and producing a video game using images of their cats.

      I think people always forget that memes are still someone's work and sadly people end up getting sued because they just throw around the image like it's nothing.

    1. Yet the identities of both were inevitably pursued and eventually discovered. At a certain level of virality, you cannot stop motivated people on the internet from piercing your veils.

      This goes to show that you cannot stop people from finding information about you online. The internet has no privacy.

    2. Creating threads of content based on the lives of average people, particularly with photos, has the potential to summon panoptic interest in the form of millions of eyes whose gaze weighs terribly on a person who is unused to a life of celebrity, as the vast majority of social media users are

      With today's media it is possible to take photos of someone or a video out of context which makes them look bad.

    1. A three-second check every time you switch lanes A twenty-second check executed every time you think a car might be there

      I thought this was a funny representation of his idea only because I got my license earlier this year and that was something I learned.

  2. Jun 2021