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  1. Oct 2015
    1. the book is dead, long live the link. I

      Or maybe "long live the word". Let´s hope the word will not be replaced by mere images.

    1. When did electronic literature begin?

      I would think that technology comes before the use. First there was the technique of book printing, then came the distribution of books and there were people who wanted to read them. The same goes for electronic texts.

    1. I think what makes a text (e.g. Homer´s Odyssey) digital is not only the presentation on a screen but also the way people deal with it, by reading it on screen, searching through it, creating comments and helping each other to understand the meaning.

    1. Hypertext fiction and poetry, on and off the Web Kinetic poetry presented in Flash and using other platforms Computer art installations which ask viewers to read them or otherwise have literary aspects Conversational characters, also known as chatterbots Interactive fiction Novels that take the form of emails, SMS messages, or blogs Poems and stories that are generated by computers, either interactively or based on parameters given at the beginning Collaborative writing projects that allow readers to contribute to the text of a work Literary performances online that develop new ways of writing

      Now a list list of examples, most of which are new to me, and hopefully all clear to me after I have finished the course. For now I am particularly interested in the collaborative writing, but I´ll see.