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  1. Jul 2016
    1. I’m sure lots of you out there may have challenges to the above ideas and even better ones.

      Hypothesis.is works well for comp/reading classes. How can we apply it to other subjects? Such as world language or STEM classes?

    1. audience

      There are several social media icons on the top of the video screen. These icons are linked to Facebook, Twitter to promote this video. This is one of the evidence of the author of the video is pushing audience involvement

    2. I’m Done Making My Kids Childhood Magical

      Interested topic. as a mother of a 6 years old. I am pulling my hair out right now arranging a "ferfect" birthday party for my daughter. I want to the best party that I can afford to my child, of course. But does these decoration, theme party really means as much to my child as it to me? The blog raise a number of good questions and worth to read for every parent.

    3. Schaeffer suggests that we be honest, simple and transparent.

      I read Schaeffer's blog and liked what she put at end of the post :" Stop it. Stop allowing those feelings to control you, even in small ways. It’s selfish.

      The world needs us. Someone is waiting for us.

      We’re not going to let our fear of what someone might think or say stop us from getting out there and doing what we’re here to do."

    4. I decided to look up some blogs about blogging and see if successful bloggers ever felt the same way.

      Amy, I appreciate your spirit as a "doer'. When there is a problem, you choose to face it and find way to solve the problem.

    5. blogging is social, blogging is a way to get your ideas and thoughts out there immediately, blogging creates community and inspires conversations, a blog is a living document – always changing, and a blog is not just about the writing but about the design as well

      Excellent summary! Your understanding covers all the functions that blog can offer.

    1. I’m taking a course myself, work full time and have a toddler at home.

      I don't know how do you manage to do it all. But you have set a great example for me. Setting up and finishing everyday's task really helped me got my work done. I learned it from your blog. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    2. come up with ideas on using Hypothesis in this unique class.

      This Hypothesis is the best idea! I will bring it into my own classroom this fall. Than you!

    1. Got carrots?

      Since my focal theme is about plants, this Daily creates assignment (create a carrot man) seems a perfect match.

      First I Google searched an image of "got milk" , I picked the one with Hugh Jackman in it. because this commercial has a black and simple background, I thought, should be relatively easy to edit.

      Then I Googled a image of "carrot" and found one with png file, which means, there is no background for this image. Png file make it easier to add picture on picture.

      I duplicated the carrot picture and add them onto the "got milk" image to replace the original claws. I also colored his mustache into orange and change the text from "Got milk" to "Got carrots".

      Done! That's what a carrot man looks like in my imagination.

    1. we’re lost from the start

      Most journeys begin with the end in mind yet end somewhere else like the driver piloting a car through fog whom can barely see ahead, but arrives at her destination.

  2. Jun 2016
    1. What does the proposal say about where the benefit of “school work” – students’ labor or teachers’ labor – is supposed to accrue?

      Well. I think there would have to be an agreement between the student and the board to allow the copyright of his or her work. A company or organization cannot impose copyright on “someone by saying it is so".

    2. The open licenses are a necessary condition, if you will, for bringing education into the Internet Age, but they’re just the starting ground for rethinking “who owns” and “who controls” teaching and learning.

      I am having a hard time to fully understand this. Could anyone give some examples of what next steps would look like?

    1. Don't let your DS106 domain fall

      When I found out one of the Daily Creates assignments is to promote maintaining DS106 domain, I remixed one of the image from Game of Thorns with text. Considering the popularity of GOT, hopefully this tweet will be retweeted more and I can reach to more of my audience.

    1. Photo of my daughter

      I heard of Fibonacci thoery before but it is the first time I am actually looking for its evidence in my life. I was inspired by !this images I found online.


      First, I opened a photo album and go over some picture I took for my daughter, I found one picture looks especially better compared with other photos. I decided to use this photo to test the Fibonacci spiral.

      In order to do that, I will need to overlay the Fibonacci sprial on top of the my daughter's photo.

      I took some time to figure out how to overlay two images. I used befunky.com to get the job done.

      It turns out the proportion of the photo does fit into the spiral quite well. No Wonder it just looks so good.Or maybe just a child's picture always looks good in her mother's eye? :)