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  1. Aug 2019
    1. Access and exposure to new and diverse information•Full engagement in the work role•The experience of socioemotionalor instrumental support


    2. In the healthcare sector, this process of co-creation is believed to be an important enabler of service innovations as a response to the increased demand for healthcare services (Beaumont et al. 2014)

      Super m-ACS

    1. Intelligent, adaptive, learning clinical information extraction and high precision rule-based systems are needed to turn unstructured information into semantically standardized, structured data sources [


    2. ain access to real-world data;–unlock, assemble, and privacy preserving analyze patient medical records;–allow physicians to identify an adverse set of events in patients (such as specific drug usage or combinations that had an unexpected detrimental outcome)–provide guidance by identifying the best, evidence-based course of care;–measure and benchmark the quality of care;–uncover patterns to generate knowledge.

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    3. Improve the organization’s operational efficiency to augment resources for innovation and better care

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    4. Enhance overall experience

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    5. Apply data-driven innovations and use evidence-based decision making to guide caregivers and researchers


    6. Level I

      Estaríamos saindo do nível II e a caminho do nível III com o m-ACS

    7. There is a lack of value-based “competition” and risk-sharing, leading to inefficient utilization of healthcare services and resources and poor patient outcomes.

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    8. he lack of interoper-ability in healthcare systems, for example, is a problem which is straightforward to solve with existing technolo-gies, but the incentive on solving it is still missing.

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