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  1. Feb 2018
    1. plugin

      feature added to software to make it work better

    2. extrapolate quotes

      take quotes from the article

    3. ectoplasm or a spiritual entity

      supernatural substance

    4. embedded modality

      content on the site

    5. wider distribution

      spreads further

    6. IA division of a website

      innovative articles

    7. sustainable

      able to be maintained

    8. fragmented

      broken into parts

    9. conjunction

      the instance of connection

    10. tangible

      can see and touch

    11. curators’

      people who choose a collection of information to share

    12. editorial voice

      opinion of the editor

    13. assent

      expression of approval

    14. op-eds

      a newspaper page opposite the editorial page devoted to personal comment

    15. revolutionary innovations

      disruptive change

    1. Leave a Reply

      Readers are invited to leave a comment.

    2. I learned to slow down, walk and really take notice of things in a way that you can only do on foot.

      The author explains what they learned from the experience.

    3. They reminded me of my students.

      Connection to personal exeprience.

    4. By the time I finished my walk, I could hardly carry the bag from the weight of all the stones I had collected.

      The writing style is personal and conversational.

    5. I took the rocks home and painted the phrase, “Take a slow walk” on each one. I held onto the rocks until today, which happens to be my birthday. Instead of getting birthday presents, I gave each senior a present to remind them not to lose what they have gain by our Out of Eden Walk experience.

      Images are included throughout the post to connect to the content presented in the paragraphs.

    6. Participating in the Out of Eden Learn walking party and curriculum on migration we walked, noticed, reflected, wrote and learned. We participated with students in Indonesia, Canada, Texas, and Massachusetts. The experience was personal and different for every student, yet all agree that it gave them a profoundly different worldview.

      The paragraphs continue to flesh out the new idea outlined in the first paragraph. The author is recording their new learnings as a result of their experience.

    7. Images included linking to the content of the blog entry.

    8. experience I have had over the last four months with my English 12 classes and the Out of Eden Walk program [

      The author is writing about their personal experience and use first person language.

    9. Every so often a teacher stumbles across something new to add to the curriculum that makes them ask, “Why haven’t I been doing this all along?”

      First paragraph tells us that this post will be about a new idea the teacher has stumbled across.

    10. Mrs. Scales' Room

      Title of the Blog

    11. Out of Eden Walk Follow-Up

      Title of blog entry/post, author name and timestamp. The timestamp will be automatically generated when you create the post.