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  1. Aug 2015
    1. The key word here is "scanning." On home pages, visitors tend to hunt around, searching for specific terms,
    2. People scan websites in predictable ways, research has shown. Typically their eyes move in an F-shaped pattern, going left to right across the top of the page, perhaps a couple times, and down the left side.
  2. Jul 2015
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    1. I wanted all of it—the palm trees, the yachts bobbing beside the hard-currency mansions, the concrete-and-glass condominiums preening at their own reflections in the azure pool water below, the implicit availability of relations with amoral women.
    2. eat all my meals at McDonald’

      What an interesting goal!

    1. There are five tracks/rooms of concurrent sessions. Choose

      Great selection of sessions.

    2. Fun day filled with fun people, fun technology, and fun experiences!

  4. Jun 2015