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  1. Dec 2017
    1. Of another parcel of 153 acres near the former, and including a considerable eminence very favorable for the erection of a future observatory.

      In Thomas Jefferson's first visions for the University, he intended to include an observatory for the astronomy students to use. As designs and construction began, Jefferson's dream became illogical. At the time of Jefferson's death, UVa still did not have an observatory. In 1877, Leander McCormick donated a telescope and an observatory to the university, fulfilling Jefferson's dream for the University.

    2. James Breckenridge

      James Breckenridge was a revolutionary war veteran and a member of the US House of Representatives from Virginia. He was also an alumnus of the College of William and Mary. Breckenridge was a member of the commission that wrote the Rockfish Gap Report to determine the location and the bylaws for the University of Virginia. I was interested to learn that Breckenridge had a similar past to that of Thomas Jefferson, the founder of UVa. This got me to wondering whether Jefferson surrounded himself on the commission with like minded individuals to ensure that his visions for the university would be done. Breckenridge also had the honor of serving on the Board of Visitors for UVa until his death in 1833. For nearly fifteen years, Breckenridge was around and able to make his impact on the University.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. fixing the number of professors they require, which we think should at present, be ten

      It is odd that an institution that's main purpose is to educate young adults to be successful in the real world would limit the number of professors in a certain area of study. The purpose of a university to be actively working to gain more members to their staff that could better their departments. The university today has 16,000 members on its faculty and staff. This is greatly above what was outlined in the founding document. -Lyndsay B

    2. the German now stands in a line with that of the most learned nations in richness of erudition and advance in the science

      I found it interesting that at the time of founding of UVA Germany, not the United States, was the leader of scientific advancement in the world. Fast forward two centuries and now the US and UVA places a strong importance on science education and advancements. Since the founding of UVA, there have been multiple scientific discoveries including G proteins. -Lyndsay B