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  1. Sep 2016
    1. To destroy something a person has created is to deny their capacity for such creativity,

      but couldn't it be argued that destruction gives way for new creation?

    2. he art dismisses any assumption about the tunnel as a pallid location for ghostlike residents.

      this is such a beautiful thought. Although these residents have no home, they think of their surroundings as lavish and artistic. I'm troubled by this because my hometown is considered to be one of the most gorgeous places in the Northeast, and I am so jaded by it that I barely ever acknowledge the beauty anymore. We are far more privileged than we know.

    3. which further demonstrates a completesociety.

      this is similar to Ch. 3 of Fleming, in which he raises the idea that a little tiny complete democracy can be found within one's own neighborhood or community--the tunnel is like it's own democracy.

    4. ince the tunnel is shelter from the conflicts above,

      it's funny; I'm almost attracted to the idea of living in the tunnel now.

    5. sychogeography
    6. The absolute darkness of the tunnel prevents danger from entering it, which explains how it is possible to have the highest feeling of safety in a place that is perceived as most dangerous.

      I would love to talk more about this. It's such an interesting idea.

    7. By ascribing internal significanceto shelter, she sets up the discussion of homelessness in terms of its psychological aspects rather than as a strictly economic issue

      This furthers a discussion we've been having for a while in class now, and also relates to Built Environment; the author is praising Morton for giving significance to something that might otherwise be overlooked

    8. he flâneur, or one who practices flânerie, is a mercurial character, who plays roles ranging from a dandy stroller to a careful observer who studies social space.

      This is, essentially, exactly what we're doing for our Built Environment projects. We are becoming "flaneurs."