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  1. Mar 2019
    1. We'll stick to working with prose text in our examples—most people can grasp easily enough what we are doing there without having to have special backgrounds in mathematics or science as they would to gain equal comprehension for some of the similar sorts of things we do with diagrams and mathematical equations.

      I think this sentence is one of the most overlooked key points. This virtual, and in '68 the live demo was a quantum leap in managing text and locked the attention on that level. However, the essence of this framework is managing symbols and making statements by them directly - not editing texts on pages and navigate around them. For example, seeing and managing the following statements in parallel: 1: there is an idea of "Locatable" represented by an entity. 2: "Locatable" in this environment contains X and Y attributes represented by their respective entity instances. 3: Another entity (be it a mouse pointer, a window or a car on a street) can or must be "Locatable" (among many other possible aspects). 4: "My car" entity is "Locatable" at 40, 20. We need a system that allows managing such statements and allow other systems behave according to them.