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  1. Mar 2017
  2. Oct 2016
    1. Windy is also quite tactile and affectionate with Rose, talks enthusiastically about her cool lesbian aunt, and is obviously threatened by Duncan.

      I saw this pretty clearly in my reading, as well. I really identified with Windy; her sexuality is spot on with mine in terms of social interactions and self-identification (although I definitely wasn't as aware as she is when I was younger).

    1. Jon revisits these moments multiple times throughout the chapter, sometimes on the same page

      So this is his breakdown, essentially. He appears emotionless, but in seeing so many things at once, we see his equivalent of an emotional collapse. I hadn't looked at this scene in this way.

  3. Sep 2016
    1. characters exist for each other

      Interesting thought, a comic written not for the reader but for the comic itself.

    2. First, he exploited the metonymic displacement of the images on the flat page and the simultaneity of the lines that constitute both the words and the images in order to make the potential three-dimensionally incongruent aspects of the Ducks fit together at the level of their positioning in relation to themselves in their reappearances on the same comic page.

      unusual geometry!

    3. "non-Euclidean"

      this means "unusual geometry", according to Google

  4. Aug 2016
    1. history and cultures of the comics medium and graphic novel genre

      I'm an American Studies major and my focus largely lines up with looking at historical representation in our culture, which makes this part very exciting and relevant to my academic study.

    2. producing graphic narratives in a digital context

      I'm so excited to create a webcomic, although I am also very apprehensive about my artistic skills and style. I don't draw or practice any art very much, so I'll definitely need some practice over the semester.